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Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Maddow on the Frack Threat to Our Water

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alison-rose-levy/mark-ruffallo-and-rachel-_b_750508.html Advertisements

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Obama Administration declined a request to use its veto power to temporarily halt gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin


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Environmental and community groups launched a new website to educate New Yorkers about the potential degradation of New York State’s water resources by “natural” gas development

http://readme.readmedia.com/With-Website-Launch-Groups-Ask-New-York-State-Policymakers-to-Choose-Clean-Water-over-Dirty-Gas-Drilling/1699844 http://www.cleanwaternotdirtydrilling.org/

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Help Stop Drilling in NY

Make sure the NY State Assembly does the right thing.  Make your voice heard here.

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Fracking Moratorium Only a Temporary Delay

“Actually, if anything, it (the bill) could improve our strategic position as I anticipate a time limited moratorium on hydraulic fracturing shale permits would extend our lease term under the force majeure clause and allow us to hold more land with our ongoing Herkimer activity,” the Norwegian company’s Chief Executive Officer Oivind Risberg stated. Continue reading

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