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When a Rig Moves In Next Door


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Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Maddow on the Frack Threat to Our Water


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Fracking Chemicals Found In Well Water

The bad news continues for residents of Dimock, PA.  Read about it here.

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Wayne county, PA: Chesapeake shows its true color & sues a county official

Golden’s office has handled about 8,100 gas drilling leases over the past four years, about 5,100 of them are Chesapeake leases.

Chesapeake says Golden prevented the company from lumping 713 leases together in a single document that contains only one property owner’s name and the identification number of the parcel. It also says her office would not record a deed that did not contain the middle initial of the lesser and did not contain the notary stamp in the proper place on the document.
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As stakes rise in NY Gas drilling fight, groups band together to educate public: New billboard, campaign come as federal hearing on drilling postponed due to crowd concerns


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Help Stop Drilling in NY

Make sure the NY State Assembly does the right thing.  Make your voice heard here.

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After BP Spill, Senate Bill Includes New Regulation of Fracking


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