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Ohio: To drill or not too drill… despite a 1000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated.

There have been cases of improperly constructed wells, sloppy operations and drilling through shallow layers of methane that have contaminated drinking water.

Drilling opponents cite 1,000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated. That includes a highly publicized case in 2008 in Geauga County’s Bainbridge Township, where methane from a natural gas well got into a house and exploded.

The state traced the problem to an improperly constructed well, although the explosion remains under investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The federal EPA, however, is taking a closer look at fracing. It is holding public hearings on how it should conduct a $1.9 million study of hydraulic fracturing and its effects on groundwater.

Three such hearings have been held: in Canonsburg, Pa.; Denver; and Fort Worth; and a fourth in Syracuse, N.Y., is being rescheduled.

The EPA plans to complete the study’s design by September, begin the study in January and have initial results by late 2012. Continue reading

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