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“Gasland’s” Josh Fox Interviewed on “Fresh Air”

Josh Fox: “You’d be surprised at how many of those summer camps are leasing [their land to natural gas companies]. Listen, we’re talking about 65 percent of Pennsylvania, 50 percent of New York. Even if the summer camps aren’t leased, their neighbors are leasing.” Continue reading

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Fracking and Food Don’t Mix


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Fracking Robs Owners of Land

•Oil and gas companies are exempt from the Safe Water Drinking Act. (It wasn’t always that way—thank the 2005 Energy Policy Act, passed under Bush and now known as the Halliburton Loophole.)
•Waste related to oil and gas exploration and production is exempt from the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. (So there are no regulations on its disposal, meaning it can be handled in any way a company pleases, from being injected into the ground—regardless of its proximity to water supplies, animal habitats, etc.—to just being left on the land.)
•Because of loopholes in the Clean Air Act, oil and gas wells are not subject to restrictions on hazardous air pollutants. Garfield County, Colorado, for example, a site where a lot of fracking has taken place, has shown elevated levels of several hazardous air pollutants. Continue reading

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Fracking Moratorium Only a Temporary Delay

“Actually, if anything, it (the bill) could improve our strategic position as I anticipate a time limited moratorium on hydraulic fracturing shale permits would extend our lease term under the force majeure clause and allow us to hold more land with our ongoing Herkimer activity,” the Norwegian company’s Chief Executive Officer Oivind Risberg stated. Continue reading

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The Ironic Politics of Gas Drilling

According to James Northrup, a veteran oil and gas driller, fracking a well — forcing a million gallons of water, sand and chemicals, several of them highly toxic — is like exploding an air bomb underground. “Once that thing’s gone off, it’s going to follow the lines of least resistance, and if it finds a fault in the rock, it’ll just follow it,” he says, taking with it benzene, toluene, diesel oil, and other chemicals.

This could be pretty dangerous if a well was fracked near Cooperstown’s water supply — Lake Otsego. Current regulations allow a gas well to be drilled within 150 feet of the lake, he points out, and if a frack found a fault, it could poison the lake. Lake Otsego is also the headwaters of the Susquehanna River, which flows to Chesapeake Bay.

One of the hope of the gas industry: Getting bailed out by selling some, or all, of the company to offshore investors — from India, for instance, which is about to begin developing major gas fields. Continue reading

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Frack Off Now – The Animated Short Film

The first animated film in a series on the dangers of fracking.

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Forced Pooling in PA: Gas Industry Makes Its Own Rules

The natural gas industry is asking legislators to allow them to take gas from Marcellus Shale under certain properties without a lease and against the owner’s wishes when the owner has neighbors who’ve agreed to drilling.
That’s how opponents see a provision, which they call “forced pooling,” about to be proposed in the state House of Representatives. Continue reading

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