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E.P.A. Subpoenas Halliburton on Fracking…

http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/09/e-p-a-subpoenas-halliburton-on-fracking/?scp=1&sq=fracking&st=cse Advertisements

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Fracking Chemicals Found In Well Water

The bad news continues for residents of Dimock, PA.  Read about it here.

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Riverkeeper releases First-of-its-kind Report on Environmental Impacts of Gas Drilling

Read about the report and find out about Riverkeeper here.

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Andrew Cuomo … too soft of a position on Fracking… TAKE ACTION NOW!

Our friends at Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, have studied carefully Cuomo’s position on Fracking… Very soft, too soft… Please send a fax to Andrew Cuomo and let him known that shale gas extraction is a highly polluting industry that … Continue reading

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Ohio: To drill or not too drill… despite a 1000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated.

There have been cases of improperly constructed wells, sloppy operations and drilling through shallow layers of methane that have contaminated drinking water.

Drilling opponents cite 1,000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated. That includes a highly publicized case in 2008 in Geauga County’s Bainbridge Township, where methane from a natural gas well got into a house and exploded.

The state traced the problem to an improperly constructed well, although the explosion remains under investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The federal EPA, however, is taking a closer look at fracing. It is holding public hearings on how it should conduct a $1.9 million study of hydraulic fracturing and its effects on groundwater.

Three such hearings have been held: in Canonsburg, Pa.; Denver; and Fort Worth; and a fourth in Syracuse, N.Y., is being rescheduled.

The EPA plans to complete the study’s design by September, begin the study in January and have initial results by late 2012. Continue reading

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No need to rush on natural gas

There are still many questions about the possibility of irreparable environmental damage associated with the extraction process. To get this gas, you blast a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals, some of them highly toxic, down a well a kilometre or two deep. This compound fractures the shale, and gas is freed to flow upward.
There are big problems with this process, the most alarming one being the danger that underground aquifers can become contaminated. Further, it emits considerable greenhouse gases. And up to 40 per cent of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing make their way back to the earth’s surface. There, they must be treated, and disposed of in some cases as hazardous waste.
Companies involved in shale-gas production insist that these problems have been overestimated, and that contaminated water is the result of surface spillage only. But U.S. research suggests otherwise. In 2009, the investigative journalists of ProPublica published studies on the effect of shale drilling on water supply in Colorado and Pennsylvania. The organization reported that “houses, water wells, and pipelines have exploded and people have found methane levels in their water so high that they could light it with a match.” ProPublica also found 1,000 U.S. cases where the extraction process affected water supplies.
Continue reading

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After BP Spill, Senate Bill Includes New Regulation of Fracking


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