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When a Rig Moves In Next Door Advertisements

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PA: Chesapeake responsible for a brine spill & 3 new contaminations of drinking well water with methane…

The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating a brine spill that occurred Thursday when a water tanker carrying waste water from a natural gas drilling site rolled over on U.S. Route 187, just north of the Terry Township line in Bradford County.

Earlier this month, methane was found in three private water wells less than a mile away from Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Dan Ellis natural gas well site in Monroe Township. The violations also occurred in Terry Township.

The contamination came to light on Aug. 4, when a water well top blew off at Earl Sites’ Brocktown Road home. He then successfully lit a gallon of his well water on fire. DEP confirmed the contamination on Aug. 6. Continue reading

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Ohio: To drill or not too drill… despite a 1000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated.

There have been cases of improperly constructed wells, sloppy operations and drilling through shallow layers of methane that have contaminated drinking water.

Drilling opponents cite 1,000 cases across the country of drinking water being contaminated. That includes a highly publicized case in 2008 in Geauga County’s Bainbridge Township, where methane from a natural gas well got into a house and exploded.

The state traced the problem to an improperly constructed well, although the explosion remains under investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The federal EPA, however, is taking a closer look at fracing. It is holding public hearings on how it should conduct a $1.9 million study of hydraulic fracturing and its effects on groundwater.

Three such hearings have been held: in Canonsburg, Pa.; Denver; and Fort Worth; and a fourth in Syracuse, N.Y., is being rescheduled.

The EPA plans to complete the study’s design by September, begin the study in January and have initial results by late 2012. Continue reading

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Wayne county, PA: Chesapeake shows its true color & sues a county official

Golden’s office has handled about 8,100 gas drilling leases over the past four years, about 5,100 of them are Chesapeake leases.

Chesapeake says Golden prevented the company from lumping 713 leases together in a single document that contains only one property owner’s name and the identification number of the parcel. It also says her office would not record a deed that did not contain the middle initial of the lesser and did not contain the notary stamp in the proper place on the document.
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The Ironic Politics of Gas Drilling

According to James Northrup, a veteran oil and gas driller, fracking a well — forcing a million gallons of water, sand and chemicals, several of them highly toxic — is like exploding an air bomb underground. “Once that thing’s gone off, it’s going to follow the lines of least resistance, and if it finds a fault in the rock, it’ll just follow it,” he says, taking with it benzene, toluene, diesel oil, and other chemicals.

This could be pretty dangerous if a well was fracked near Cooperstown’s water supply — Lake Otsego. Current regulations allow a gas well to be drilled within 150 feet of the lake, he points out, and if a frack found a fault, it could poison the lake. Lake Otsego is also the headwaters of the Susquehanna River, which flows to Chesapeake Bay.

One of the hope of the gas industry: Getting bailed out by selling some, or all, of the company to offshore investors — from India, for instance, which is about to begin developing major gas fields. Continue reading

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50 Trucks an Hour Turns Residential Area into Industrial Zone

Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox wants natural gas drilling companies to anticipate and pay for the wear and tear they’re causing West Virginia’s country roads, many of which have “more or less evolved from a mere wagon trail.”

When drilling first started in remote Wetzel County, retiree Ray Renaud put a time-lapse camera in his window and counted as many as 50 trucks an hour passing his home near New Martinsville. Chesapeake Energy has responded well to complaints, he said, providing warning trucks and repairing one damaged road last fall. By spring, however, traffic had again destroyed the road.

“I moved here for the serenity of the country. Fifty trucks an hour and living in an industrial zone is not serenity,” said Renaud, an emergency medical technician who also worries about safety and accidents. Continue reading

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Learning From the Best: Chesapeake Joins Forces with BP

Total and BP have joined projects started by Chesapeake Energy, a shale-gas producer long on expertise and short on cash.

But the move to gas, and to shale-gas in particular, demands a shift in the majors’ business models. To keep the gas flowing from shale requires the rapid and repeated drilling of many small wells—quite a change for firms accustomed to making “binary” decisions, as one executive puts it, about whether to spend $1 billion over a decade developing a field. Continue reading

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