All Fired Up About Fracking

Safety Matches, designed by Michael Ian Kaye for, were created to call attention to the dangers of hydraulic fracturing. The concept was inspired by a scene in the documentary Gasland in which a homeowner’s well water has been so badly contaminated with methane that he lights the stream from his kitchen faucet by simply holding a flame to it. Safety Matches are intended to be placed by your kitchen sink to generate dialogue and spread the word about the hazards of fracking nationwide.

“It is vitally important that the government and the people are aware of the adverse effects of fracking on our environment and our health before more lives are lost and irreversible damage is done. I have tried to use my skills as a graphic designer to help spark awareness of this issue,” says Kaye.

To purchase Safety Matches, contact us at Proceeds from the sale of all Safety Matches will go to fuel the fire of awareness.

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